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Harry Potter Reclist: the second.


Particulars: Fanfiction.net, only Wips

I Came Home For This? » by wen-parmadol reviews

Harry has won the war, and now wants to return home. But home is not at Hogwarts, and definetly not at the Dursley's. Does Rivendell ring a bell?HPLOTR
I wanted to hate them, but » by anou reviews

At the age of six Harry Potter found a very starnge and a very carefully hidden letter at his aunt's bedroom. It explians his parents MURDER.
Icy Destiny » by xxlostdreamerxz reviews

Abandoned within a cold forest by his father Tom Riddle, during the worst winter in magical history, 5 year old Harry has to learned to stand on his own two feet...AU
Immortal Hope: Resurrection by Chiara Crawford reviews

Nobody knows the real story of the Founders and no one would have guessed that Harry Potter is more than what he seems to be.
In Aeternum » by makoyi reviews

Snape is in over his head. Harry is growing up. Life is already too complicated but will certain revelations make things better or worse? A story of families, politics, and truths revealed.
In Light of Silver Memories » by Taliath reviews

Dumbledore's portrait wakes up at last to have one final chat with Harry. In order to aid the teen in his quest to destroy the Horcruxes, Dumbledore transfers his knowledge, wisdom, and experience. This chat will have unforeseen consequences in the war.
In Plain Sight » by dianehc reviews

AU after third year, after Sirius is almost kissed, and after Dumbledore refuses to allow Harry to go to his godfather, Harry makes a break for it – finding aid from a surprising source. True to Harry’s luck, though, the aid isn't quite what he expected.
In the Clockface, Weighted and Weary » by nuhuh reviews

Post DH. When Dumbledore gives Harry a choice between life & death in King's Cross station, he chooses a third option. Now Harry faces stopping two wars before they even happen, because he can't accept what is in store for the world. HarryAriana.
In The Company of Secrets » by Dream Red reviews

A set of recurring dreams provoke Harry to delve into the history of some of the most powerful wizarding families in order to begin his fight in the war. ABANDONED: note at top of chapter 61.
Incarnation by koldy reviews

This is an after Harry defeats voldemort story. The fates finally decided he suffered enough and reincarnate him into middle earth. Harry is a cute little elfling
Innocence Lost » by CBeMe reviews

Long before Harry’s birth, a child was born. The second son, denied the destiny he desired. Harry is fighting for the future of the wizarding world and Voldemort is only one of the dangers. AU Manipulative Dumbledore, brother Snape, powerful Harry.
International Magical Cooperation: Raising Harry 5 » by aramie.greyson reviews

Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts, part five of the Rasing Harry series. See profile page for full summary.
It's just the way of blood » by Thanatos Nemesis reviews

AU,Slash DMHP, Harry always knew he wasn't normal, but on his eleventh birthday he receives the long forgotten gift of his family. Forbidden from entering Hogwarts, he and his cousin Rosaline learn on their own...
Iterum atque Iterum » by Nimbirosa reviews

The war is over with the Light as victor, but at a terrible price. Many lie slain, and the new generation is haunted by bittersweet memories of the old. When Fate grants Harry a second chance, however, nothing happens quite the way it is supposed to...
Jamie Snape and the Prisoner of Azkaban » by Original Dark Angel reviews

Sequel to Jamie Snape and the Chamber of Secrets. Under Snape's protection, Jamie and Draco Snape begin their Third Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, despite the threat of Sirius Black. AU. HarryadoptedbySnape fic.
Juxtaposition » by Dragenphly reviews

SLASH.AU. What if Harry Potter wasn't the Boy Who Lived…what if everything went quite, quite differently. Is there really nothing special about Harry? Or can appearances be deceiving?


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