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Harry Potter Reclist: the second.


Particulars: Fanfiction.net, only Wips

Time and Again » by Lady Iri reviews

Harry has played many roles, a soldier, a warrior, a friend. But he never thought he would take the role of a kid again. What will Harry do when he wakes up one morning to find he is once again thirteen but with an older mind? Seer,intelligent,dark Harry
Time Changes Everything » by fictionalcandie reviews

First, he thought he'd just go and kill Peter. Then, he had a better idea... steal a timeturner, and use it to save his friends. Now, thanks to Sirius, Harry's life will never be quite the same again. [AU.]
Time is Running Low » by KatonRyuuka reviews

“Don’t be stupid Potter, go back. Fix everything that went wrong. “ Those were the last words Harry heard from Snape before falling into a multicolored twister .Time Travel, may contain some Deathly Hallows spoilers.
Time Meant Nothing, Never Would Again » by Monopoly reviews

It's what should've been Harry's 7th year, and the Light side has no hope left. Luckily, Snape is around to save the day. Time travel, ceases to follow canon after HBP. Crazy Snape, smart little kid Harry, sentient wards. Lots of fun awaits inside.
Time to Fix the Mistakes » by DisobedienceWriter reviews

Two years after the Death Hallows Epilogue, tragedy strikes Harry Potter and his family. The only way to set things right is to journey back to the time before he was born. Not for Ginny enthusiasts. Time Travel. Avenging!Harry.
Time to Learn » by loralee1 reviews

Sequel to Time to Live, Harry returns to Hogwarts for his sixth year detirmed to enjoy the rest of his schooling without the threat of Voldemort. If only it were that simple. AU, Post OotP, No HBP,
Time Turned » by Rheniel reviews

A single moment of distraction in third year means Harry doesn't notice the time turner - until he jumps and manages to spin it. He's sent back to his eleven-year old self, and doesn't remember... or does he?
To Define Treachery » by Greater Roadrunner reviews

In the Chamber of Secrets, Harry eschews the role he is expected to play, and chooses what is easy over what is right. Can he halt his descent into the dark and redeem himself? No, he can't, he won't. Not when redemption means living a lie. No slash.
To Live in Azkaban » by PadfootObsessed329 reviews

In their will, James and Lily Potter stated that under no circumstances was their son to be removed from his Godfather’s care. Now with Sirius Black in Azkaban, Albus Dumbledore has a problem. Will he really have to allow Harry Potter to live in Azkaban?
To Never Let Go » by BlueEyes White Dragon Sorcerer reviews

Harry Potter's animagus is a snake and he's searching for his match. Another twist on soulmates. HPLV which practically is HPTR... Sorry, IGNORING HBP! Harry is Voldie's sole horcrux, if you will.
To Walk a Narrow Path » by Dragongirl16 reviews

The sequel to Faith. Every action has a reaction and not all of them are good. HD slash, post book 4 AU HD slash
Transcendence » by oStilloDreamingo reviews

Post OotP. Ignores HBP. Harry discovers new powers after Creature Inheritance. HPSS. Manipulative Dumbledore. Ron & Ginny Bashing. Dark!Powerful!Independent!Political!Harry. Goblins, HouseElves, Centaurs, Veelas and other magical creatures. No Soulmates.
Trials of Bonds » by Serpent in the Shadows reviews

Naruto Crossover, SLASH, HarryKakashi. 'You two need to learn not to live in the past. Let it help shape you, let it teach you, but not define you.' Sasuke and Kakashi both learn the value of past, present and future bonds and Harry is there to teach them
Tricks, Ghosts and a Very Different Life » by Catherine or Cate reviews

Harry Potter, Sirius Black, Perenelle Ravenclaw, Regulus Black, Manipulative! Dumbledore feature in a tale of kidnapping, fake identity, haunting, pranking and kicking bad and good guys buts when they deserve it. SBOC, HPOC?
Two Sides of the Same Coin » by Ten Toes reviews

Petunia & Harry become a team, and Harry finds the wizarding world much earlier than anyone suspects. He hides his Slytherin self under the guise of a naive Gryffindor. He also hides the wizard friendships he made years before Hogwarts. AU
Un Coeur Gris » by Tsurai no Shi reviews

Sequel to Noir Et Blanc. Can love endure when your partner is supposed to be your worst enemy? With the world against them, ideals and devotion clash, and the world falls apart. Can Harry and Tom survive with hearts and minds intact? HPLV VampireHarry
Uncomfortably familiar » by dianehc reviews

Harry proves, once more, that he’s one of a very rare kind when his Animagus form turns out to be a very rare and telling transfiguration while Albus has his hands full with other matters without having to deal with ramifications of Harry's new form. AU!
Unexpected Events » by zakairen reviews

Arriving back at Privet Drive for the summer after fifth year, Harry gets some shocking news. No more Dursleys? Independant!Harry and Dumbledore bashing. AU because HBP. No spoilers.
Unexpected Freedom Revised » by justame reviews

Unexpected Freedom: This begins after the scene at Kings Cross. Harry finds unexpected freedom, from an unexpected source. This story is rated M, this will be a slash story. I'm in serious need of a Beta, if anyone is interested please drop me a line.
Unspeakable Truths Volume 2: True Lies » by fudi reviews

Second in the series. Now with some Unspeakable training Harry and Company return to Hogwarts for his sixth year. Not HBP compliant, but does include some of the plot points.
Untapped Power » by QuietFlight reviews

Post OOTP. Nightmares plague Harry after the battle in the Department of Mysteries. Sirius barely escaped with his life thanks to Harry and an unexplained power that is starting to emerge. What will life be like living with the marauders?
Untitled » by ubetiburn reviews

Harry sees that not everything is Black and White. Power Goblins and Inheritances. TEEN RATING TO BE SAFE


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