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Harry Potter Reclist: the second.


Particulars: Fanfiction.net, only Wips

Paddy's Pup » by teacherbev reviews

First Chapter that begins to diverge from PLP. Sirius saves his Pup from the Dursleys and then raises him with the help of his friend Remus. Definitely AU. No Slash rating for Dursley abuse. Please read and review
Past Perfect by AncientzDream reviews

The ending of a war and the death of Voldemort leaves the Wizarding world in a state of recovery and seemingly idyllic peace. What would Harry's future have been if his past had been closer to perfect? Various pairingsAUSlash&HetPowerful!Political!Harry
Peace and Quiet » by Virusgod reviews

Too long has a corrupt Ministry ruled. Too long have the Death Eaters killed without fear. But now, three people decide enough is enough. That they must fight fire with fire. And they won't be alone.
Peorth » by Bleudiablo reviews

Ch 24 Impereverto. After being attacked by his uncle, Harry comes to Hogwarts for the 1st time as Snape's bonded. MentorSnape with some DMHP romance. Now someone is trying to kill Severus and Peorth/Harry can they work out who it is before it is too late!
Pet » by Random Dispatcher reviews

The Dursley's make a run for it when Harry's numerous Hogwart's invitation letters arrive they don't stop on that little island, they stop when the owls stop when the family arrives in Sunnydale, California. BTVS Crossover Slash
PotterBlackHaruno Sakura » by RuneWitchSakura reviews

I’ve read stories where Naruto or Sasuke were adopted by Harry, but none with Sakura, so I decided to write one. When Harry comes home from fifth year to find that the Dursley’s are mistreating yet another child, he decides to adopt her. NarutoHPxover
Power of The Serpentine Eyes » by Anigma24 reviews

It's the beginning of the summer before sixth year. Harry has started to look beyond the masks of both foes and friends. But can he except whatever truth is revealed to him or will secrets from the past seal his fate? In order to deal with his future Harr
Prejudice and Pain » by Roima the Dark Goddess reviews

Due to an accident, Harry was left an immortal. Now, hundreds of years later, a new war is about to begin. The Ring has reemerged, and Harry just can't turn his back on this adventure... HPLotR xover!
Preparing for Trouble and Living a Life » by Leath1 reviews

Sequel to CM&FA…Harry thought being the BWL was bad but now he has to deal with being the Child of Light. He is the target of every evil group in the Wizarding world. How will he stay safe and life his life?
Prodigy » by ChipmonkOnSpeed reviews

Harry was given up after that fateful night. Raised in a new enviroment, he becomes a prodigy. He ends up in America, working in a crime lab in Vegas. But his family wants him Qye » by Shades reviews

PreOotp, Slash. Fifth Year has arrived for Harry Potter and he's ready for the usual things like Ron and Hermione's fights and Voldemort at the end. He's not ready for the DADA teacher and the changes she'll bring.
Raised by a Kami » by lildevil425 reviews

what would happen if harry was abandoned at the tender age of four, only to be adopted by Count D's grandson? how would the wizarding world deal with a kamiraised BoyWhoLived that is also halfelven? creature!Harry creature!Draco possible future SLASH!
Rapture of the Innocent » by DaggersBloodPain reviews

Innocent’s trilogy part three, Slash AMCD: Play time is over the war is upon them, they have allies to win over and enemies to defeat. The prophecy sinks its claws into Aidan forcing him to fulfill his destiny, or die trying.
Reactions to the Legend » by amber-chick reviews

AU Sirius is freed after the tournament and is Harrys guardian. Everything is normal until Harry let something slip making Sirius & Remus realize that they dont know about Harrys first 2 years. Now Harry has to explain all the death defying stunts.Oh dear
Realizations » by Wishweaver reviews

Harry returns to Privet Drive after 4th year and finds it...empty! What do you do when you can't go to your friends for help? (Additional Story Notes FYI: a. AU Summer before Fifth Year Fic, b. Not particularly fast paced.)
Red Sun Rising » by Evandar reviews

AU. Raised in the Darkest part of London, Harry Potter is a Potions Master and far from an icon for the Light. The Order can't prepare for this. HPLV SLASH
Renegade » by VAM-W reviews

When Harry comes across some old family records in the Hogwarts library, all hell is about to break lose. Rated for future chapters. Dark!Harry.
Ripples in Time » by padfootsrevenger reviews

The final battle is over,Voldemort is gone...but Harry is some how transported back in time to the 1970's. Is this a second chance or curse for the BoyWhoLived?
Ritual of the Past » by Songbird's Desk reviews

Harry's in class when he's unexpectedly dragged away. When he wakes, he's not too pleased with finding he's in the past due to a Summoning Ritual...I'm back! It's no longer complete. Run! HIATUS
River of Dreams » by Tajjas reviews

At the start of the first school year after Voldemort's return, Severus Snape finds something unexpected when he's roaming the halls after curfew.
Rowland's Academy » by Elensaa reviews

What if Harry was never a true Hogwarts student? What if he'd attended a magical university from a young age? What if he quits Hogwarts? What if Hogwarts follows him? AU. No HBP. HD SLASH
Savin' me » by Shadowed Tigress reviews

Xover with Smallville. Threesome pairing clh. Slash warning! Challenge response fic. When Harry wound up in Smallville, he never expected to find the two teens who complete him. Amazing what a change of scenery can do for the soul isn't it?Enjoy guys
Second Time's a Charm » by SlytheringAeval reviews

Upon defeating Voldemort, Harry wakes up to find that he suddenly has a second chance... with everything. However will he deal with this unexpected opportunity?
SEE What? » by Lil Nezumi reviews

HPDM, SSRL, SBWWWpending, creatureHPDM, headmaster overthrown, badGrangy badWheezy, new changes to Hogwarts curriculum. Just what is the Founders Law and will Harry be able to handle it?
Seeing Beyond the Veil » by Sakura Saisaka reviews

AUSeveritus Challenge: See past the veil that clouds your mind and see the truth that lies behind it. See the soul that lies within evil. There still is hope and redemption...
Selkies and Sparrows » by Kaluki reviews

Crossover HPPotC. When Jack sailed into Port Royal that day, he was searching for a ship. What he found was a Selkie in hiding from his past, where he used to be called Harry Potter... Slash HPJS
Semper Letteris Mandate » by Lady Draculea reviews

[HPTR] Finally in the right direction, Harry learns how to survive the wizarding world and break away from the expectations and pressures placed upon him. All the while a certain Dark Lord lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting. NO HBP!
Shades of Grey » by ms.gringotts reviews

Voldemort & Lucius have been vanquished by Potter, Draco is in Azkaban. To ground Harry's power the Ministry orders him to marry. His choice in spouse leaves a lot to be desired. HPDM, SSNM. Very Mature. Strong & angry Harry, Not so submissive Draco
Shades of Panic » by AbeoUmbra reviews

Landing in Ancient Egypt after killing a Dark Lord isn’t a death sentense but it might as well be. Thankfully for Harry the daughter of the Pharaoh Seti, Nefertiri, has taken a liking to him. Unfortunately so has High Priest Imhotep. slash, Ardeth x Harry
Shadow and Ice » by ArtemisEmerald reviews

Harry gets to know another Animagus and starts to like him, not knowing just who the other is. What happens when he finds out? And the other Animagus is hiding something. Slash!
Shadow Hallows » by esama reviews

After surrendering to Dumbledore's plan, Harry wakes up somewhere elsewhere. Deathly Hallows spoilers, Yugioh crossover.
Shadow of the Blood Moon » by fullsailnate reviews

Harry is taken from his house the night after Dumbledore leaves him there. He grows up to be something that neither side could have predicted.
Shift » by moonfyre reviews

7 year old Harry is discovered missing only a day before Sirius Black escapes Azkaban. An angry werewolf, among others, tries to find him before the criminal does. Little does anyone know, Harry has a secret of his own...
Shifting the Rift by Rede reviews

Crossover with LOTR. Harry and Snape get pulled into a different world of wizards, elves, muggles, and Dark Lords. PostOotP, by now AU, the whole works. Snape mentoring Harry. Innuendos of child abuse.
Sic Vita Est » by Sweartoad reviews

[SnapeHarry guardianmentor fic]. After a bout of accidental magic and a rescue in the summer before his third year, Harry begins to develop an unlikely relationship with one Severus T. Snape.
Silver Eclipse » by Omni Black reviews

Harry witnesses his godfather go through the Veil. But he can stop this, he can change it. He will change it. But fate has other plans it seems, as he's thrown into a time not his own. His magic knows the truth, even if he doesn't.
Since When Are There Two Potters? » by kirallie reviews

HPNaruto crossover.HarryKakashi eventually. What happens when a certain Wizard finds an unexpected bundle on his doorstep? A shinobi raised as a wizard instead? Totally AU for both although folows HP until Sirius' death.
Skin Deep » by Vingilot reviews

Harry and his friends create a new type of magic embodied in Harry’s tattoos to keep him protected from his uncle. When the new magic works Harry is removed to Hogwarts where Dumbledore finally tells him the truth. Severitus. Written PreHBP HarryBill
Slave of Dragons » by Water Mage reviews

Sequel to 'Potter'. A Basilisk is loose, letters ask for his blood, and an assassin is after him. You would think Harry was scared. He was. But most of his life was spent destroying things he fears. Next to a dark lord, piece of cake.
Slippery like a snake » by darkyamicreator reviews

AU. Sick of the fame, Harry leaves the Wizarding World to become a snake breeder. With a world of people searching for him the most unlikely person finds and falls in love with him.
SlowActing Venoms » by PenRifle reviews

Harry is removed from his abusive aunt and uncle's home at age nine and ends up in an orphanage. This early-life change triggers a series of events that ultimately change the course of the rest of his life. AU. SlytherinHarry. Reworking story. Ch. 22 up!
Slytherin Masks » by Tyra Kaelar reviews

What if Harry had known about the wizarding world before his 11th birthday? What if Dumbledore was more manipulative than anyone knew? What if Harry was aware of his manipulations and was a lot less forgiving? Well, then you’d have a whole new story.
Snake Poison » by kumihana reviews

What if the Basilisk poison wasn't completely gone? During the summer after Chamber of Secrets, Harry experiences an episode of shooting pain. Warning: Child Abuse!
Something Of His Own » by Moxy reviews

Chapter 12 UP! Snape finds a book while on his rounds. What he finds inside could change the way he thinks about someone. Enjoy! Not slash.
Sons of Reproach » by Lyndotia reviews

Harry has just returned from his first year at Hogwarts and, after a visit from a house elf, the Dursleys lock him up, vowing never to let him return to the magical world. Then a most unexpected person shows up: Severus Snape. Snape Adopts Harry fanfic.
Sparky Doo » by Imaginaryfriend101 reviews

Xover : The Dursley appear to be like a nice normal family with a unnormal nephew, but someone decides to look closer, someone who doesn’t like what he sees…
Spielzeugsoldaten by remind me to breathe reviews

Sequel zu Ein Himmel.. Eine Tür, durch die man nicht gehen kann, ist eine Wand. Ein Raum, den man nicht verlassen kann, ist ein Gefängnis. Was ist ein Leben, das man nicht bestimmen kann?
Spirit of the Veela » by Roslyn Drycof reviews

Hogwarts can't handle two Veelas, can it? It's a close call as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy come to terms with their new powers, urges, and each other. And wait, two dominant Veela can't mate...AU after 5th, HPDM, slash
Strains of Melody » by hoshi-tachi reviews

AU, pre- and first year: An abused 5-year-old Harry Potter is rescued from the Dursleys' by muggles and adopted. There's just one problem: the person who adopted him doesn't exist.
Superlatives » by Kudra23 reviews

A photo of Harry and Draco captured by Colin Creevey's camera sets off a series of unexpected events. HarryDraco pairing.
Sweet Child Of Mine » by The-Ever-Lazy-One reviews

AUNot only were James and Lily weren't home that night, but Harry has a twin... one who is widely believed to be the GWL. She must hide, with James and Lily. Harry can't go, so where will Harry stay? [Will be Updated Soon]


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