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Harry Potter Reclist: the second.


Particulars: Fanfiction.net, only Wips

Vampire Adept » by Emerald Falls reviews

After the fall of Voldemort Harry is Turned and changes his name. Closing in on his 200th birthday Harry is forced to cast a spell to take him to his Mate. Valdemar cross over. not very good yet but I am working on it lol. Slash HarryOMC
Van Helsing » by shadow danser reviews

Harry has come into a little bit of a truble...he's been send back in time...can he get back and will be want to? this is slash or Yaoi for those who dont like boy on boy...go away
Vanishing Illusions » by Trelawney's Love Toy reviews

Harry Potter, previously thought to be dead, arrives to compete in the triwizard tournament. How will being raised by a former Death Eater and attending Durmstrang, alter the boy's intended course.
Veela Child, Moon Child » by Twilight Goddess7 reviews

Young Harry Potter was always different. He preferred reading over playing with other children. He had a strange talent for communicating with animals…and he always felt a strong pull towards one, Draco Malfoy. The problem? Draco is betrothed to someone
Veela Inheritance Problems » by Sakya reviews

The old pureblood families of the wizard world up hold many traditions and one of them is the engagement season where the families with veela ascendence can match their young. Nothing that Harry should worry about, right? Wrong Slash
Voldemort's Last Spell » by Louis IX reviews

Voldemort intended to kill the whole Potter family, but something unexpected happened. Now, the Dark Lord must face the result of a severely twisted Prophecy as well as a very old... thing. What history can Harry have after this? What history can he make?
Walk On Water » by Dark Eyed Seer reviews

On October 31st, 1981, Voldemort set something into motion no one could have predicted. He created in Harry an injury in both magic and mind. But truer words were never spoken than 'that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.'
Walking Alone » by rianess reviews

[Slash] XOver with Labyrinth. Harry defeated Voldemort aged seventeen, and slowly found himself abandoned by the wizarding world, discarded like one of Dudley's broken toys. Where does he go from here?
War of Lords Series: Book One » by Kyle-Slyth-04 reviews

This is an Au Fic begining when Harry is 6 years old. I have rated it M for the potential for language and darkness to come in. Harry will be sorted into Slytherin just in case you were wondering. Read and find out what happens when England has four Lo
Weighted Chain » by wolfwhispers reviews

The dark can truly be alluring. Harry must fight this through the summer as he gets a job, learns about 6th year classes, makes new friends and ignore the sweet smell of dark magic and Voldemort. No Slash or any pairings.
What If? » by hybrid2 reviews

Based on the question of what would happen if Harry had met the twins in Diagon Alley.
What is Right » by Emma Lipardi reviews

Harry finds himself making a decision to give it all up just to change what has happened. What he doesn't realize is that he gets a second chance to set it right.
What Will Come, Will Come » by RowanRhys reviews

Gen. Harry Potter finds the summer after his Fourth year is nothing like he expects... An answerfic to Severitus' Challenge
When Masks Break » by Tiara Light reviews

Repost, Reedited. Whe Vernon Dursley's hatred of magic finally goes to far the results force many to abandon the mask they have wearing. Warning Slash. AU
Where The Wild Thing Runs » by Gold-Snitcher reviews

DMHP. AU. Hogwarts' newest student is a wild child recovered from a forest in the process of turning Dark. With him, the enigmatic boy brings a mystery that may ultimately help or destroy the world of Wizardy as they confront a new rising darkness.
Wings of a Rider » by goddessofsorrow reviews

Harry learned about the wizarding world at four and started to learn magic. At eight he became a model and a musician at nine. How will the wizarding world will deal with the famous BoyWhoLived in both world and his ideas… Smart!Powerful!Gray!Harry
Wishcraft » by Taint of Taia reviews

AU Sirius is suffering in Azkaban with 4 yr. old Harry, but not for long. Harry needs to go to Hogwarts. What about the Dementors and house elves? What about Remus? Can certain secrets be kept? Can Harry be kept safe?
Wit of the Raven » by japanese-jew reviews

Highly AU. Mr. Harry Potter is age eleven, and the possibilities for his future are endless. I've essentially turned the magic system of Harry Potter on its head.
Witchcraft » by Avitus88 reviews

An ancient chamber is unearthed within the Halls of Graultak. When Harry is summoned to Gringotts long forgotten families are discovered, long forgotten magics remembered, long seperated families united.
Worth the Wait » by Serpent in the Shadows reviews

SLASH! Crossover! Centuries old Harry Potter has made some sort of life for himself at the Pit of Crematoria with his makeshift Pack. That is until a man named Riddick looks him in the eyes. COWRITTEN with AbeoUmbra. Does not completely follow the movie.
Wreaking Havoc » by Catherine or Cate reviews

Independent! Powerful! Buttkicking!Political!Rich!Harry Manipulative!Dumbles. SEE WHAT HARRY DOES! IT WILL GIVE DUMBLEDORE'S GREY HAIRS GREY HAIRS! Language Warning. THIS IS NOT HP/BZ - they are just the lead characters. HPGW
Wyckham Academy » by Kneazle reviews

AU: Harry attends Wyckham Academy instead of Hogwarts. New friends, new magic, new outlooks. With Harry at a different school, can he escape his destiny as the BoyWhoLived? Can he still defeat Voldemort if he isn't at Hogwarts?
Wyrda of a Shur'tugal » by Never Forgotten RIP Barbaro reviews

After a vision of a brown haired boy in a forest, Harry is transported to another world to the exact moment his vision took place. Moments later, in a flash of light, something happens that changes his life forever. Eragon crossover. Set after GoF.
Year of Changes » by redfrog reviews

Sequel to Summer of Independence. Harry's 6th year, dealing with Dumbles and Ron, lots of Quidditch and just being Harry. Ron& Dumbledore& Ginny bashing. Independent Harry story. No pairings planned.
You have got to be kidding » by cathankitten reviews

Harry and Draco were lost in the Forbidden forest for months, they returned, but were changed MM,AU, MPreg
Young Again: The Rewrite » by Taliath reviews

PostHBP. When all hope seems lost and everybody is dead, Harry transports his soul into the body of his one year old self. This time, he's going to try and set things right.
You’re the only One » by -Jess-Emrys-BLack- reviews

LotR’sHP. After giving his life for his destiny Harry is ready for peace but something’s are not meant to be… There is a world in need and Harry is the only one who can save it…
Little Pet Merlin » by Kitsune-Demoness reviews

Harry didn't grow up as the abused child living in the cupboard under the stairs, nor grow up serving and slaving for the Dursleys. He grew up a Pet to the most notorious vampire in all of England. Hellsing’s Pet abomination. And he's quite happy where he


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