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Harry Potter Reclist: the second.


Particulars: Fanfiction.net, only Wips

Take My Hand » by Exia reviews

OotP SLASH Living a life bound to your second-worst enemy ever was not the life Harry would have chosen, but apparently, Fate did. Now he must deal with the consiquences when everything goes belly-up. Chapter 17 up. HP/DM HG/? You thought I'd tell...
Taking Care of Myself » by sara ane reviews

When Harry was a little boy he always dreamed of some long lost relative coming and taking him away from the Dursleys. Little did he know that long lost relative would be… himself? AU
Tale of the Basilisk » by Vetis reviews

Sequel to Tears of a Basilisk. Hogwarts is starting to heal, so the star characters feel that a little R&R is in order. Sev learns the hard way that sugar and already hyper pranksters do not mix, and that someone gets horny and creative when he travels.
Testing the Limit » by Nessa Star reviews

Pushed to the edge of sanity in his second year, Harry delves into something that may have been better off left alone... Parseltongue. But what toll does magic take on a person? And what must one give up in order to perform it correctly...?
The Acceptance » by Pan06 reviews

With the Dursleys away in Majorca, Harry gets his first Hogwarts letter. Along with a whole lot of others. Which school will he chose and how will his choice effect the people and events that surround him? How will it effect his own future?
The Art of War » by Contempt reviews

During the summer of fourth year, Harry finds a particular aged book. Opening it, he discovers the ancient way of war, and with it, he will learn to win the coming war on his own terms...
The Black Legacy » by SueMonroe reviews

Slash. Alt 6th year, some HBP plot points. After the Dept. of Mysteries Harry realizes the world is not as black and white as he'd thought. How will the Black Legacy change Harry's future? Eventual HPSS
The Black Wizard of MiddleEarth » by Venator Black reviews

Lord Harry Potter Black arrives in Middle Earth ready to start a new life. Rated for Teens. Begins at the War with Morgoth.
The Blind Seer: Bonds Stronger Than Blood » by CimmeriiShadows reviews

The first story in my series. It has come to be a disgrace in the Wizarding World to have an imperfect child, as young Harry Potter, who is blind, found out. His family may have abandoned him, but there are stronger bonds than blood in this world.
The Colour of Ever After » by coveted-one reviews

Full Summary Inside. Harry's brother is thought to be the Chosen One, and Harry, sent to an orphanage. What happens when the mistake is discovered and the independent Harry is sent to Hogwarts? And what does the gorgeous Veela Draco Malfoy want with him?
The Cost of Life » by mione the kneazle reviews

AU Voldemort has finally been destroyed but so has most of wizard society. Harry is offered the chance to go back in time with his current knowledge. Will he change the future or will society still fall? Time Travel. Semi Super Harry.
The Curse of Fate » by Mistress Nika reviews

Immortal Harry, after watching friends and family die over thousands of years, only wants to join his loved ones in death. Believing he's found a way, he sends himself back into the body of his infant self, vowing to change his fate. -Dark Lord Harry-
The Curse of Immortality » by Lady Prince reviews

HPXLoTR When the war reaches it's peak, Harry realizes that he's not strong enough to defeat Voldemort. In his last moments, Harry makes a desperate wish and as a result he becomes immortal. However, being immortal isn't as wonderful as he thought. SLASH
The Dogs and Shakespeare » by Ravenpuff reviews

An event sways the Dursleys to accept a five year-old Harry as a part of their family. He is slowly introduced to a normal life and the world outside his cupboard. Discovering magic early, it becomes his greatest joy and deepest secret. Can he share it?
The Dragonmasters » by Naia reviews

AU. Harry Potter disappeared! While the Wizarding world sink into war, Harry is thrown in a whole new world and left to fend for himself. He will have to prove himself worthy of bonding to the long thought dead Magical Dragons and becoming a Dragonmaster.
The Elders » by Etidorpha reviews

Cursed in the final battle, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have survived three millennia only to be dragged back into a war with eerie parallels to the one they left behind.
The Emerald Lord » by EmeraldPheonix reviews

Harry Potter is thrown into Azkaban by Albus Dumbledore, on false charges. Betrayed, Harry escapes from Azkaban to pose as the Emerald Lord, unleashing havoc upon Voldemort's Death Eaters. Manipulative!Dumbledore AU.
The Façade of the Assassin Golden Serpent by The Copper Key reviews

Hidden beneath the Golden boy’s façade, a dark manipulative mind, an unfathomable power and different alliances lurk. Independentpoliticalpowerful Harry, Evil Dumbledore, Slash SSHP
The Founder » by gemroses reviews

The shock of a sudden change in appearance tears a hole in the fabric of time, sending Harry back to 998 A.D. Upon discovering only 3 of the 4 Founders, Harry accidentally takes on the role of the 4th Founder. Eventual MM Slash and Mpreg. More inside.
The Fox Hunts Snakes » by Dethklok reviews

Uzumaki Naruto is an old man. A warrior whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands. His time is nearly over, and the Kyubbi no Kitsune must move on. A second demon vessel must be chosen. Who better than the BoyWhoLived? My first HPNaruto xover
The Gemini Ruse » by makoyi reviews

When the Order’s spy is discovered, Dumbledore places him ‘safely’ with a personal enemy. Now both have gone missing and Dumbledore hasn’t the faintest idea where, why, or how. AU of HBP, no TDH spoilers, warning for coarse language
The Hiss of Darkness Within a Heart Of Gold » by tubbataha reviews

Harry leaves the Dursley's in the summer after 5th year after Hedwig is killed by Vernon. Harry life is changed after a shopping trip to get a new owl. not HBP complaint. Salazar will make an appearance sort of.
The Horror! The Horror! » by DisobedienceWriter reviews

Humorous, post GOF tale. Harry goes to Africa and sets up a potions ingredient business. Wackiness ensues.
The Hunt Master » by LycanthropicPlushie reviews

AU- Harry was nicked from the cradle some stage on the night Riddle attacked; Now he's one of the Lady's favourites and master of the Hunt.
The Innocence Of Guilt » by ENSIGN reviews

Harry Potter was sentenced to Azkaban prison. However he never went there. Who is this James Pathertrory who's running around the world causing problems for the Death Eaters. Features Unspeakable Harry. No pairings. Post OOTP with HBP stuff.
The Jaded Series Year I » by OblivionsPuppet reviews

He was not anyone's hero, he would not be their symbol. He had his own ambitions, he had his own goals. Harry James Potter was going to live his life according to his own rules and what was best for him. What will the first year of Hogwarts will hold?
The Keeper of Secrets » by Star Polaris reviews

An old secret had been kept for many years, upon discovering it, Harry refuses to acknowledge it. But in the end, will he have a choice but to accept the truth?
The Last » by Dangerous Lover reviews

The wizarding world is in for a wild ride as thier Golden boy turns to the Darkside. With power and Knowledge to rival Dumbledore and a tempar like his grandfathers can Harry bring an end to the war. Coruption, love, money, power and betrayel insue. DMHP
The Last Sons » by Jedi Master Calriel reviews

AU. The story of Harry Potter with Harry and Draco both being raised by Sirius Black.
The Legacy of Ancients » by EvilKender reviews

[HPxSG1&SGA]Harry Potter has a lot to live up to, but more than anyone ever realized. When Harry begins his fourth year at Hogwarts his life begins to change and a Legacy is reborn.
The Morality of the Young » by Renevatio reviews

AU. James and Lily surive attack on Oct. 31, 1981. They take Dumbledore's advice and still give Harry to the Dursleys. How will Harry grow up knowing that his parents willingly gave him up and they try to take him back into their life?
The Nuuruhuine » by phoenix catcher reviews

HPLOTR crossover. Nongraphic slash. 200 years after Cannon. Vampire:Harry and his assassination team are thrown into Middle Earth two thousand years before the fellowship to start a new life in a strange world.
The Outsider » by Illnill reviews

Harry Potter has never trusted Albus Dumbledore, but when the Headmaster’s full manipulations are revealed, he is launched into an exciting adventure, opposed by two sides, with little allies and only his brains to help him along the way.
The Path by Serpent in the Shadows reviews

[xXxHP Crossover! Slash! XanderHarry] There are many paths one must take in life. But when the time comes to choose, will you stay where you are, or will you take a chance on an unknown path in the hopes of finding something more?
The Phoenix Child » by Lady-Jules reviews

Harry's coming to Hogwarts for his first year. But this time he's not alone. He's brought his childhood friend and companion. Alternate Universe all the way from the beginning.
The phoenix lord's apprentice » by Glamrockprincess reviews

Harry aged 5 is shunned by his family when his little sister is thought to be the girlwholived. his life is miserable! this all changes when he recieves a letter from Craven Irvin! adventures, family feuds, etc, own story! chapter 11 is up!
The Phoenix’s Song » by a-little-lost reviews

A small child, lost and confused discovers home in an unlikly place, in an unlikly way. Fifteen years later the war is raging and the people have no savior. Can a Phoenix help? This will be Slash eventualy.
The Power » by DarthBill reviews

Harry has been feeling lethargic since his tenth birthday when suddenly he has more energy than he needs. AU story for all seven years. HarryMulti nothing serious. SmartPowerful!Harry.
The Power of Magic and Elves » by Serafin982 reviews

A tortured Harry has won his war but lost everyone he cared for. Magic isn't through with him yet though and sends him on a journey to Middle Earth. HPLOTR crossover.
The Red » by Branwen777 reviews

LOTR Crossover SLASH HPLegolas For ten years after the fall of the Dark Lord Voldemort Harry Potter has shut himself off completely from the world. So what could be the cause of the gates finally opening again.
The Reluctant God » by threelade reviews

Just when he thought the adventures were over a case of mistaken identy launches an adventure unlike any he could have imagined. To those who review my thanks. AU
The Second Prophecy » by Odder Than Thou reviews

SLASH. SSHP. Lily and James didn’t leave Harry unprepared. Super powerful Genius Harry. Manipulative Evil Dumbledore. AU. OOC. Secret Identities. OC.
The Secret Identity » by EvilDaystar reviews

Third part of the Secret. Harry returns for his third year at Hogwarts everything appears fairly calm but who is this new student coming into his second year? BTW, I am not in this story. It's not a typical There's a transfer student at Hogwarts story.
The Serpent of the Haradrim » by Greater Roadrunner reviews

Unceremoniously cast into Middle Earth, Harry unites the discordant tribes of the Haradrim under his banner as the Serpent Lord. Soon, he is presented a beautifully crafted ring by a courier of Sauron... and it is precious to him. LoTR Crossover
The shattering of foundations » by kirks reviews

After OOTP Harry finds out that the real threat of Voldy is the exposure to the muggles, who'd start the next witch hunt, destroying the wizarding world. Gaining allies on both sides, he unites the wizarding world. Slash, DH Spoilers inlcuded.
The Silver Phoenix by MaVieParMoi reviews

Harry was all set to apparate back to England when he was almost taken for questioning by the Italian hitwizards. Why was Harry in Italy? What's going on? Harry becomes involved shoulders deep in a plan headed for disaster. And Draco Malfoy?
The Silver Triad by Lady Iri reviews

They had been stereotyped from day one. Everyone thought they knew them. They wanted to be strong, they wanted to rise above all others, they wanted to prove to everyone just how wrong they were. 6 hours, 3 desperate children, and a revolution was born.
The Sleeping Dragon Wakes » by AncientzDream reviews

WIPAU Lily and James went to greater lengths to protect their son than even Dumbledore knew and, as Harry grows into his inheritance, the Wizarding world will find out just how deep one old man's betrayal can run. Dark!Independent!Political!Harry
The Terran Ascension » by JewelsGlow15 reviews

HPxSG1 When Harry finds the Chamber of Merlin within the halls of Hogwarts the future of Earth will never be the same. And neither will the characters.
The Thirst to Prove » by jamie-mw-lee reviews

Harry found out about his abnormality when he was 8, and so he begins training to be someone to defeat the murderer of his parents....going to be powerful, strong, etc.
The Tiniest Wish » by dianehc reviews

The tiniest wish can make all the difference. No longer complete. As you may have noticed this began with a single chapter one shot, but grew and grew and grew. Now it's a series of vignettes in the AU created by chapter 1.
The TriSchool Tournament » by DisobedienceWriter reviews

One shot, AU of GOF. Here’s the story I wish I had found when I read GoF or GoF fanfiction. New, harder tasks. Observant!Smart!Harry. On the outs with Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Hogwarts in general. No pairings.
The Twins of Mirkwood by Etidorpha reviews

“Now, then,” Elian said, satisfied, “let’s get this out in the open. Harry Potter is dead upon my command, and Draco isn’t in a position to refuse my requests, no matter if he may wish otherwise.” Crossover with LoTR.
The Unsheathed Sword » by Oenanthe reviews

Voldemort's dying curse thrusts Harry back in time, to the start of his fourth year. Faced with the daunting prospect of fighting the war all over again, he must strike a balance between changing the future for the better and ruining it with one misstep.
The Warlock's Calling » by AncientzDream reviews

When his 5th year at Hogwarts ends in yet another tragedy and his summer begins with more changes than he could ever have anticipated, Harry is soon forced to accept that ‘normal’ is something he and his life will never be. SlashAUPowerful!Warrior!Harry
The Watcher's Apprentice » by Ebonia reviews

AU, Buffy xover. When six year old Harry Potter runs away from the Dursleys, he never knows where it will lead him...least of all into a life filled with Watchers, vampires and things that go bump in the night.
The Wizard of Gotham » by Skysaber reviews

After failing to cheat Bruce Wayne on a deal for drills, Vernon Dursley takes his frustrations out on Harry Potter, by abandoning him in Gotham City.
There and Back Again » by Jess S1 reviews

During the summer after fourth year, Harry unwittingly makes a wish... which takes him to another world. He needs to find a way home, but he also has to decide where his home really is... (LOTR/HP)
There and Back Again » by moonlit dew reviews

What would've happened if Kagome wasn't the first to fall down the well? Watch as Harry Potter changes the lives of the Inuyasha cast forever. Whoever said life was a bitch, couldn't be more right. Future HarrySesshoumaru Don't own Harry Potter OR Inuyash
Those Words, Alone No More » by Mikee reviews

Harry has withdrawn into himself, and immersed himself in his studies. He has witdrawn so far into himself that he is in danger of losing himself. Who will help him? Mention of abuse. Mention of slash, although that is not central to the story.
Through Time With Panache » by Tiara Light reviews

One of Malfoy's attempts has an unexpected result. Harry will learn much, a bad thing for anyone who gets in his way. AU Vaguely compliant to a few things in HBP, AU Time travel. Creature!Harry much later on.


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